MultishopsUK community is for our subscribing savvy shoppers, to come together and share their shopping experiences or just to have a general chin wag.

We all as a global national community must now help each other to navigate through these challenging times.

MultishopsUK was created because we wanted to build a shopping service for the busy everyday households and individuals alike. A UK based company that is focused on its communities, while allowing the opportunity for growth and employment within our regions.

We are living through a situation that is unprecedented in modern history. At a moment of great professional uncertainty and personal stress, we are also being asked to be apart from each other physically.

That’s why here at MultishopsUK we felt it was only right for us to try and do our bit, no matter how small. And as they say, “…it’s the small things that matter”

That’s why, over the past weeks we here at MultishopsUK have been working tirelessly to accommodate you and do our bit for our national communities as a lifestyle shopping company.

So, for the foreseeable future, we will be prioritising those within our community that are considered more vulnerable and more importantly our frontline NHS staff 👏😃

We just wanted to reach out to our MultishopsUK community and let you know that our thoughts are with all of you who have been impacted by the corona virus (COVID-19).