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Shopping & collecting from UK high street businesses that you trust.

MultishopsUK is a collective of amazing people simplifying your home shopping.

Connecting UK businesses with savvy customers while providing a second to none customers service.

In 2020 the world changed forever, and with this the increase in online home grocery shopping expanded astronomically. The downside to this was that vulnerable independent individuals and families alike were unable to have the basic of foods delivered or even purchased through there local stores.  Even months later, all major supermarkets are reporting that they have no deliver slots available and this has impacted heavily on those more vulnerable than others. Being a MultishopsUK  member will give you and your loved ones that peace of mind and reassurance that you have a dedicated multi-shopper on hand should your personal home shopping and collections needs ever change. 

" our values daily"

Savvy shopping for all

"..not just a service, but a lifestyle."

Rural shouldn’t mean isolation

Peace of mind shopping remotely.

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It’s finally time to relax.

All your home shopping services in one place

Saving You Time & Money

Making the most of life's simple pleasures after a long day at work and spending quality time with our family & friends are our life ambitions.

Supporting UK Business

Connecting UK business whether retail or independent to our savvy shoppers nationwide is our speciality.

Quality & Service

Please do not be offended if you cannot join our platform at present.
We value the quality of our service to the number of our subscribing shoppers.

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