MultishopsUK Terms & Conditions

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Last updated 4th May 2022

This website is operated by Ms4M.UK Ltd t/a (MultishopsUK) (Multishops.UK) or (Ms4M.UK) (“We”, “Us” or “Our”).  All purchases and use of our services made on any of the fore mentioned websites are governed by these terms and conditions at all times, although the terms and conditions governing any purchase will be those in effect at the date of your order.

You must be 18 years old or over to use our services and by completing and registering on any of our forms you are confirming that you are aged 18 years old and over.

Registrations to MultishopsUK services

Due to global uncertainty, we have a 1 week delay system in place for our new members.

Please bear with us, as we will endure to have your MultishopsUK account up and running within this time frame.

We do apologise for this delay.

Once registered, it is your sole responsibility to secure your password. We will assume that any person logging in using your password is either you or someone instructed on your behalf. You will be responsible and liable for any actions of any person logging into your communicative MultishopsUK account using your username and password. You should notify us immediately if you suspect that anyone else knows your account credentials.

If you order goods after we have published the changes you will be bound by those changes.

If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, you should not use our services.

You will need to register your name, email address and contact no. on our website prior to using our services.

As part of the registration process you will be required to submit a delivery address and this will need to be verified and accepted by us.

You agree that all registration information that you submit is truthful and accurate and you will maintain the accuracy of such information.

We may at any time and for any reason refuse to accept a registration from any persons or terminate a customer’s account at any time and at our sole discretion.

We reserve the right to terminate your access to all or part of MultishopsUK services with or without notice at our sole discretion.

Accordingly, you should check prior to each order to ensure that you understand the precise terms and conditions applicable to your purchase or use of our services.

To assist our MultishopsUK community and visitors in determining whether the terms and conditions have changed since your most recent order, we will display the date and time at the header of these Terms & Conditions.

MultishopsUK will confirm acceptance of your order either immediately via secure messaging or email provided by you as a registered MultishopsUK user.  At this point the purchase contract will be made and we will supply the goods and services to you in accordance with your order and these terms and conditions.

The law places certain restrictions on transactions involving alcohol & tobacco, and accordingly alcohol must be either ordered by you or delivered by us during normal licensing hours.

If you have ordered alcohol or tobacco using our services and cannot be there on delivery, please contact

to amend your order time, as it is your responsibility to ensure that a suitable person is there to receive the order.

If you use our services to collect prescription/drugs (where available), you understand and agree that we will be required to call you, prior to your request. You also understand and agree that any 3rd party pharmacy may send you unencrypted SMS messages, push notifications or other electronic notifications relating to your prescription/drugs collection request.

There is some level of risk that information in such communications could easily be compromised by any 3rd party. MultishopsUK does not use conventional SMS messaging to communicate within our company.

By using our services to collect any prescription/drug order, you explicitly disclaim any liability against MultishopsUK for any harm or damage arising out of or in connection with any SMS messages, push notifications and/or other electronic notifications.

Access to MultishopsUK website

Access to our website is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the website (and any services made available through it) at any time without notice.

You may not use our website in any improper or unlawful manner or in breach of any legislation or licence that applies to you.

Without limiting the foregoing, you agree that while using our website you will not:

  1. distribute via any medium any part of the website without our prior written consent;
  2. publish, post, upload, store, distribute or disseminate any unlawful, fraudulent, defamatory, infringing, obscene, pornographic, harmful, confidential, libellous, hateful, racist, threatening or otherwise illegal or offensive material or information or anything which might constitute a criminal or civil offence;
  3. upload files that contain software or other material which are the intellectual property rights of any third-party or which are protected by rights of privacy or publicity of any third party without having received all necessary consents;
  4. upload files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other software or programs that may interfere with or damage the operation of our website or any other computer;
  5. create multiple logins;
  6. impersonate others;
  7. promote any activity that is illegal;
  8. use software to harvest information from our website; or
  9. attempt to solicit funds, advertisers or sponsors through our website.

You agree to comply with all reasonable instructions that we may give regarding your use of our website.

Analytics (knowing what happens to your data)

Analytics without compromise.

One less thing to worry about when it comes to cookie banners, we don’t need them & still GDPR compliant 😉

Our focus is putting your digital privacy first when you shop with us 😃 We provide a bespoke home shopping & collection servicedetails for our valued savvy shoppers and assist local businesses within the UK opportunities to reach out to savvy shoppers like yourself. We sell our services and commitment to you in providing the services that you request, we do not sell your data.

To find out more details on how we as a company utilise your important information when you as a guest visit any of our website, please see here for further details Fathom.

Community & forum codes of conduct

Community is the heart of MultishopsUK! Come join our community on our blog where we all share our thoughts and knowledge, and you can get advice or even just have a chat to fellow subscribers discussing features and future services that we can bring as a company to make a difference.

We have an active online community where users get answers to their questions and discuss related MultishopsUK news.

Connect with others savvy shoppers like yourself in our community.

This code of conduct helps us build a community that is happy, kind and constructive.

When you join the MultishopsUK’s community, you can follow the progress of forum discussions from various like-minded savvy shoppers like yourself.

Regardless of whether you are an existing or new user to MultishopsUK we encourage you to join because we believe that this is a safe place for our subscribers to discuss shopping, shopping and everything about shopping! 😃

We will use these forum discussions to help us to shape the future developments and features of MultishopsUK.

Our community is used by individuals looking for shopping services, that are convenient & match their lifestyle, some of you come to get help and share knowledge and feedback. Only one thing is certain, everyone is different.

It’s our aim that everyone feels welcome and can participate, regardless of their backgrounds.


If you’d like to get help, ask your questions clearly and stay positive;

Use search before starting a new thread**;

If you’re here to help others, be patient, welcoming and respectful;

It’s important that everyone feels welcome by our community and has a positive experience;

This, after all, is a community for us and our savvy subscribers;

Show understanding for the issue’s others are sharing, if you feel that you are unable to help, leave that to a MultishopUK’s team member or another user who will be able to help;

Be kind and friendly when giving or receiving feedback;

Discussions are a healthy part of community life; and

When in doubt, ask more questions courteously, and explain your perspective.


Don’t insult or use unfriendly language, including ‘ALL CAPS’;

Don’t use language likely to offend people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or political views;

Don’t use sarcasm and jokes that can be misinterpreted.

Don’t disrupt discussions with irrelevant, off-topic remarks, bully or intimidate others;

Users posting any of the following material will either be in some cases warned but most of the time banned right away:

Spam, scams, harassment, pornography, copyright-infringing material, self-promotion, and/or any other language that is offensive or in violation of any current law or legislation enforced within the United Kingdom.

We reserve the right to determine what language is or is not acceptable.

MultishopsUK forum moderation

MultishopsUK will take action on a case-by-case basis and at our discretion.

Reporting and enforcements

We are determined to maintain a community that is happy, kind, and constructive. We expect every community member to contribute to this. If you come across behaviour that doesn’t follow these Community rules, here’s what you can do:

If you experience any problems on the forum, please contact a member of our moderator team directly

If you don’t follow these Community rules, we will take the following action:


For most first-time misconduct, MultishopsUK moderators will delete the offending content and send you a warning message.

Account Suspension:

For repetitive misconduct and some first-time misconduct, we will suspend your MultishopsUK account package for one week to a month depending on the violation which includes all MultishopsUK services such as One-off shops etc.

Account Closure:

We put the interests of the community first. In some cases, we will have no choice but to close your entire MultishopsUK account.

Your feedback is very welcome. We rely on you to keep this community happy, kind, and constructive.

Services and packages*

Multishops package – being subscribed to this monthly subscription package will allow you 1 grocery shop from 2 independent stores per week with no minimum spend. Shop delivered to registered card holders address. Loyalty reward points are not currently being collected.

Lifestyle package – same as the ‘Multishops’ package but with the added benefits of dry cleaning or laundry collection and 1 additional store collection i.e. Argos, Next, Ryman etc. Under no circumstances, will any grocery items be collected. And being able to fully customise your shopping package for an even more tailored service. As we know every household and individual are all ”…well individuals.”

One-off shops (OOS) – no subscription is required to use this service. 1 shop, 2 stores with no minimum spend and delivered within 4 hours to registered card address.

Dry cleaning and laundry collection – Registered services only, will need to be verified prior to collections. Details would have been asked for during your account registration process.

Fast food collection and delivery – coming soon.

*There is also a possibility that the commercial foods that we collect on behalf of our customers whether it be groceries or take-aways may change the ingredients or formulas at anytime without notice. If you are concerned about food allergies, please contact the relevant manufacturer or supplier for further details.

Store collections – Store collections are for items that you may have ordered and would like for us to pick up on your behalf i.e. Argos, Next & Ryman etc. Receipt or confirmation of said items will be required from you. Under no circumstances, will any grocery items be collected.

Retirement subscriptions

Subscription to this service/package requires us contacting the relevant management team and bodies of your residence. Please contact our team directly for further up to date information.

Package gift vouchers

Registration to our services with a valid e-mail will be required to use gift vouchers. Vouchers are non-refundable and non-transferable and should be used within 4 months of purchase.

Vouchers have no cash value.

**Please note if you choose not to utilise a weekly shop, then it cannot be carried forward to the following week.

Heavy duty collections – coming soon***

Vulnerable shops

If you have subscribed to one of our packages that included this option it entitles you to nominate a person that meets the government requirements of being classed as vulnerable, during our current global climate. Please be aware that this allows us to deliver 1 weekly shop to your nominated person, upon confirmation of their vulnerability status and relevant address details.  This does not include any other services that you currently receive with your package. This service is provided as long as your current subscription is valid.

Orders for your chosen person can only be placed by you our subscriber via your account dashboard. Please do not give your MultishopsUK account login details to anyone!

Thank you very much for helping in supporting our vulnerable and local communities by selecting this offer.

Please bear in mind, that we as a company will always prioritise our NHS & vulnerable.  We here at MultishopsUK value ALL! our package subscribers (family). But in our unprecedented times where our frontline staff, and most vulnerable are at risk, we feel it’s only right that we do our best to accommodate their needs slightly before ours. 😊

Which I’m sure you’ll all agree, like we all do here at MultishopsUK. 😃

Amendments and cancellations

All of your shop/collection orders placed via your account dashboard can be changed or amended up to 24 hours before scheduled delivery time. Orders cancelled or re-scheduled after this period will incur a fee of £5 of which 25% will go to what cause or charity, we deem appropriate.

Our same day services/additional services carry a separate cancellation or re-scheduling fee of £10 of which 50% will go to what cause or charities, we deem appropriate.  Time is of the essence, and there are never enough hours in the day 😃

All subscribed packages cannot be downgraded or upgraded while active.  But can be changed after it’s current period ends.

Please bear in mind that it is to our discretion whether we deem any collected or ordered item as heavy duty.

No cash & carry services catered for.

Prices and delivery charges

When you use our services to place a shop or collection, you authorise the purchase and delivery of those products from the retailers you selected. Unless otherwise specified, you acknowledge and agree that MultishopsUK and your multi-shopper are acting on your behalf in the choosing, packing and/or delivery of goods to you and are not the seller of the goods to you.

You agree that your purchase is being made from the retailer you have selected, that the retailer is the merchant of record, and that title to goods passes to you when there purchased or collected from the applicable retailer’s store.

You agree that MultishopsUK will obtain a credit card authorisation for a slightly greater amount than the estimated total amount of your purchase from your credit card to cover the cost of the goods you have purchased. Your card will not be charged until your requested service is completed.

Some of our services may allow you to upload or submit content i.e. images, text or even video, you retain all rights in any content that you upload or submit. You are solely responsible for that content.

The prices of our goods and services will be as quoted on our website at the time you confirm your order, ‘subject only to any inadvertent technical error for which we will not be liable.

If you subsequently amend your order, the prices charged will be those applicable to the amended item(s) at the time that the amended order is confirmed.

Please note that as promotions are offered for a limited period of time subsequent amendments to your order may mean that certain promotions are no longer being offered.

Where items and services are ordered and sold individually by weight (such as certain fresh meat, cheese or fruit and vegetables) the price of these items will be the price on the date that we did your collection.

The prices stated on the MultishopsUK website will be inclusive of any VAT payable.

If you order services for delivery in certain areas i.e. where a tolling system of some sort is installed you may be charged a (VARIOUS LOCATION) fee of up to £10 per order irrespective of the total price or delivery time of your order.

If your delivery is subject to this charge it will be shown during the checkout procedure or on confirmation of your order. PLEASE NOTE THIS CHARGE IS IN ADDITION TO THE DELIVERY CHARGE REFERRED TO ABOVE.

Although we will always try to cater for your orders, an order of large quantities of a line can only be fulfilled at the discretion of the store.

We guarantee that you will pay the same price for your shopping orders as you would if you were to do the shop yourself.

Methods of payments

Payments may be made by debit cards, credit cards and those various methods listed on our website the date on which your order is placed.

Authority for payment will be requested from your card issuer at the time of your order, this is done by ‘reserving’ £1 against the card you have used for payment.  That £1 is not spent by you until we ‘debit’ your card with the full cost of your order, and the latter happens after we have provided our services.  We reserve the right to terminate our agreement with you if we are refused authority for payment at any stage.

MultishopsUK will obtain a credit card authorisation for us to cover the cost of the goods you have purchased.

You agree to indemnify us in full against all costs, expenses and outgoings incurred by us in obtaining payments from you in the event a failed payment.  This will include an administration fee of not less than £10, we may at any time after a failed payment instruct a debt collection agency to collect payment on MultishopsUK behalf.


All of our shop deliveries will be made to the credit/debit cards registered address.

Packages limited to one shop per week*

Bank holidays & UK holidays, the team taking a well-deserved break 🛌 😴 😃

09:00 – 21:00 Mon -Sat*

09:00 – 10:00 (package members only**)

19:00 – 21:00 (package members only**)

11:00 – 17:00 Sun (package members only**)

*Pre-booking is advised.

**Package members only.

Shop times may vary due to current government laws & legislations on (Covid-19).

For further details and information please visit

We reserve the right to restrict deliveries in certain areas, and this includes the right to eliminate certain areas from our delivery schedule.

Products and services are subject to availability and prevailing market conditions.

MultishopsUK will always try to supply you with the full quantity of your requested order, in the event that your ordered items are incomplete we will notify you promptly.

If you are not completely satisfied, please and we will see what can be done to resolve the situation. (please note that the item(s) must not have been opened, used or defaced in anyway).

You will not be charged for any incorrect goods which you may or may have not received, in any event, our liability will be limited to the price of the goods not being delivered or incorrectly delivered and the cost of delivery.

MultishopsUK ethos is about you, being a member of our community, being able to ‘balance your life and take it in your stride’ and ‘we endeavour that all deliveries are made within your specified slots’.

So, it is your responsibility as the account owner to ensure that an appropriate person is available to sign and collect all goods on delivery, if no appropriate person is at the delivery address when delivery is attempted, the items will be retained by us.

We will attempt to contact you via our relevant communication channels to rearrange delivery, please note adverse weather conditions or any other natural cause outside of our reasonable control may result in the occasional late or cancelled delivery.

Should you fail to be present for your delivery we are entitled to charge you in full for an amount equal to the cost of the perishable goods contained in your order and the cost of delivery at our discretion that we deem reasonable.

If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you.

*** Heavy duty items could include general everyday household items. Items we may consider to meet our heavy duty dimensions may include, small tv’s or monitors, desktop/computers, gardening equipment & small furniture items that would not be safe for our team member to transport. Transportation of groceries, health products, medications etc will always be considered a necessary item.

But ultimately, our valued member of staff will use their own discretion in deciding whether the item(s) are considered to be heavy duty.

Contacting us via social media

We use a third-party provider ‘MeWe’ (The next-gen social networking platform) to interact with our subscribed members within our MultishopsUK community. If you send us a private or direct message, comment or post on our pages you have full ownership over your content and data.


You agree that MultishopsUK does not assume responsibility for any products, content, services, websites, advertisements, offers or information that is provided by 3rd parties and made available through their services.

If you purchase, use or access any such products, content, services etc. you agree that you do so at your own risk and that MultishopsUK will have no liability based on such purchase, use or access.

If you have any disputes with one or more multi-shoppers or 3rd party providers, you agree to release MultishopsUK (including MultishopsUK affiliates, and each of their respective managers, director, employees, agents, shareholders, retail partners, licensors and suppliers) from any claims demand and damages of every kind and nature known or unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed arising out of or in any way connected to such disputes.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless MultishopsUK (see disclaimers above) from and against any losses, claims actions, costs, damages, penalties, fines and expenses, including without limitation solicitors and expert fees and expenses that may be incurred by an indemnified party arising out of, relating to or resulting from your unauthorised use of the service or from any breach by you of these terms, including without limitation any actual or alleged violation of any law, rule or regulation.

It’s not something that we like to do as a company with strong morals and ethics, but if for any reason we feel that refunding your credit/debit card was due to an error on your own part, we have the right to charge anything between £5 and £15 for our administration fee.

We as a company are constantly modifying and improving our services to accommodate our subscribing members and communities. We may introduce new features, change existing features or even remove services at any time without notice. (dependent upon current government law or legislations updates via

If you provide us with any feedback on or comments regarding our services, you grant MultishopsUK the right to use such feedback or comments for any purpose without restriction or payment to you.

MultishopsUK© is the trademark of Ms4M.UK Ltd and is not affiliated with, authorised or endorsed by Any! other independent organisation or bodies***.

Discounts and offers

 Discount offers can only be used once on any given service or package, and not in conjunction with any other discount or promotions.

We reserve the rights to rescind any promotional or discounted offers at any time at our sole discretion for any reasonable reason whatsoever.

You are not permitted to use your promotional codes as an alias, we reserve the right to cancel this offer on suspicion of such behaviour.

Proof of valid ID required for various discounts

  1. NHS (NHS photo ID);
  2. Key workers, Social workers (Photo/ID required from relevant governing bodies i.e. local council showing your job position, if possible) or
  3. Vulnerable persons (proof of date of birth).

MultishopsUK does not take responsibility for the delivered items ordered by you our subscribers, should they not work or conform to what you ordered. You would have to contact the relevant entity in regard to those matters directly.

If for any reason there are product recalls on shopping or collection orders delivered by MultishopsUK, it would be your responsibility to contact the relevant organisation directly. As you can appreciate, there will be information that they will require from you, which we would not have access to i.e. use of the item(s) etc.

Coronavirus (COVID-19 & Variants)

We take the health and safety of all our staff, customers, affiliates and communities very seriously and follow these guides lines strictly

Check back frequently for updated news, subscribers will receive notifications automatically when we update any of our company policies.


We recognise the importance of providing a website that is easy to use. It is important to us that your interaction with MultishopsUK is first class.

Work is currently in progress on making our website accessible to all user groups, including the disabled, the visually impaired and those with motor deficiencies and cognitive disabilities.

We aim to make our pages easy to navigate, whether customers are using screen readers, keyboard navigation or text-only browsers.

The following statement will explain our current and most importantly our journey as accessibility features are being introduced to help you use our website and services. You can see our current accessibility features in the sections below:

  • General information
  • Background, text and colour
  • Non-text elements
  • Links and navigation
  • Frames and tables

As it is not always obvious how accessible a web page is, we would very much like to hear from anyone experiencing any difficulties when using our website. You can email us at with the subject heading ‘Accessibility

General information

We’ve designed this site with accessibility in mind. Some of the general features include:

  • The use of clear, simple language, which is easy to read and understand.
  • The use of common web conventions.
  • Avoiding the use of blinking or flickering elements.

We are working towards

The use of validated HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Standards Compliance

Our aim is to ensure our website conforms to at least level A compliance as specified by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

We have a number of tools to perform automated accessibility tests (as well as using reliable expert evaluation), which will include testing our pages using screen-reading applications.

Background, text and colour

Careful use of text colours, size and background colours can help people with a range of visual impairments.

We are currently checking the site’s font and background colour to ensure there are no combinations that adversely affect anyone with colour deficient vision.

Font and text size

We use clear, legible font for all text and headings. In your Internet browser, select View, then Text Size, and then choose to increase or decrease font size.

Style sheets

Much of our site is already available with cascading style sheets (CSS) for visual layout and we are currently working on the remaining pages.

Non-text elements

We are working towards providing alternatives for non-text elements on all pages (currently available on most pages) giving visually impaired and screen-reader users wider access to our website.

Images, videos and other non-text elements

We plan to make it possible to use our site without having to view graphics or images. All non-text elements, such as images, animations, symbols, audio, video and multimedia will have text equivalents. We plan to achieve this by providing descriptive alt attributes for them. Purely decorative graphics or formatting images will have empty alt attributes.


Our website uses JavaScript to improve usability and the online shopping experience. To help you use the site, where possible, we plan to create alternative non-JavaScript pages for the most critical pages.

Links and navigation

Navigation of the website is a key consideration in our web design process. The aim is to make our website streamlined and simple to use, with page items placed in a logical order to help improve the experience for all users.

Navigation links will be consistent between pages throughout the site. We are reviewing accessibility using only the keyboard and navigating with JavaScript disabled.

Pop-up windows

Our website uses pop-up windows only when they are of benefit to the customer, for example, when it is important to see the browser window you’ve just navigated from in the background.

Forms and tables

We plan to use clearly labelled tables to help readers to understand the content on a page and to fill in form fields correctly.


We do not use frames as they are a barrier to accessibility.

MultishopsUK and the MultishopsUK logos are registered trademarks of Ms4M.UK Ltd in the United Kingdom and /or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.